Mission Statement

Om Shanti DC provides  a variety of yoga services for individuals and groups to work with at their own pace, in their own space.  We want every individual to come into their own authentic and ultimate potential self in their yoga journey.

We are here for you. Yoga translates to the word “union”. Our mission to you is to provide a union with our series of yoga offerings for you to use, practice, and incorporate into your everyday life.


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Brittany Payne, a West Virginia native, stumbled into her first yoga class completely unplanned.  On a sheer whim, she decided to walk into a community yoga class that was being offered at the Soldiers Memorial Theatre in her hometown.  After her first encounter with yoga, Brittany was instantly hooked and yoga has played a major part of her life every since. 

After receiving her B.A. in Psychology from Marshall University and moving to Washington, D.C. yoga became even more instrumental. While working in the private sector in Washington, DC Brittany regularly deepened her practice. Getting on the mat after working long hours deemed very beneficial for her mental and physical health.  After making the correlation that practicing yoga on a regular basis improved her overall health, happiness, and self-awareness, Brittany wanted to pass this energy on to others and decided to become a Yoga instructor. 

After receiving her 200 hour Yoga Teacher training from Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh, India, Brittany wanted to help incorporate workplace yoga to businesses, professionals, and children in the Washington, DC area.   

Brittany focuses on teaching the fundamentals of yoga; ensuring a healthy, happy and safe practice; and helping her students become the best version of themselves through yoga.